Maranka Gourd shakers

used as rhythm accompaniment for African marimba and mbira

Hand-crafted by Forest Shomer, from western-grown (USA) Marankas.

All of my Hosho contain Hota (canna) seed, wildcrafted in Hawaii, for clear, crisp sound.

"The hosho, all agree, are completely outstanding. Beautiful, well-crafted and sound great!"

-Catherine Hunziker, Boulder CO

A broad selection of gourds is available:

*CHILD-size, best for beginners' hands, ages 5 to pre-Teen

*MBIRA Hosho, small sizes that blend harmoniously with mbira

*MARIMBA Hosho, medium sizes (louder 'voice') for ensemble playing

*LARGE Hosho, also known as "Hercules' Club" for playing among loud drums


(Gourds pictured above are small-to-medium size.)

SALE PRICES: As of July 10, 2013, prices are reduced. Shipping to be added to all items.

Each pair of Hosho is individually priced within a range of $30-45, on the basis of overall sound quality.

(Note: sales tax is applicable within WA State)

New hosho actually improve in sound quality as they are played--the interior surfaces get polished from the repetitive movement of the hota seed. The sound grows sharper.

Also available: dozens of individual, un-paired Maranka hosho gourds for $5 each or 3 gourds for $12.

These are the larger-size gourds ranging to 5.5 to 6 inches in diameter. All cleaned and ready, lacking only rattle-seeds (hota or corn) and a cork!


Ways to purchase these gourds:

--call or e-mail: describe your needs and have a suitable pair shipped directly to you

Forest Shomer


(360) 385-6114


Visit our Market booth at Zimfest 2013!

A variety of hosho workshops with skilled instructors will be offered at:

Zimbabwean Music Festival
Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, USA

June 27-30, 2013


Note: 2013 will be my final Zimfest Marketplace.

Thereafter, online hosho sales only.

"Crafting Hosho since 1997."


HOTA (Canna indica) seed

Hota seed is available separately @$5.00 per ounce, plus postage.

A medium-size gourd requires about 2 ounces of hota for best sound quality.

IN STOCK, July 2013


Festival CDs

A small number of copies remain of the CD recordings from:

Inland Sea Marimba Festival 1998

Inland Sea Marimba Festival 1999

...featuring many past and present marimba ensembles from the Salish Sea bioregion. @$8 each CD


P.O.BOX 639

E-mail: inspass@whidbey.net